Calcium Acetate

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 99.55 %

 Loss on drying

 ≤7.0 %


 PH (1% Solution) 



 Heavy metals







 3 ppm

 2 ppm





 ≤1 ppm




 ≤1 ppm




 Sulfate SO4





 Nitrate NO3


 Pass test


 Pass test

 Organic volatile impurities


 Pass test


 Pass test

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Product Description

1. Calcium acetate price binds phosphate in the diet to lower blood phosphate levels. It also neutralizes fluoride in water. 2. Calcium acetate China is used as a food additive, as a stabilizer, buffer and sequestrant, mainly incandy, bread, cookie, cheese and other foods products under the number E263. 3. As antiseptic in feed industry, and mineral additive. Also it can be used for medicine, chemical reagents.  4. Calcium acetate has a wide range of Application. Calcium acetate is a good bacterial growth inhibitors. 5. Calcium acetate is a natural mineral that works by holding onto phosphate from the diet so that it can pass out of your body. 6. Calcium acetate in the food industry has served as a mold suppression agent stabilizer,buffer and  increasing the use of scent, which itself has excellent calcium.


Calcium Acetate price as the food additive is white needle-like crystals, granules or powder. Slight acidodor. Slightly bitter taste. Vulnerable to moisture. Below 150 °C does not lose all moisture, such as heat to 160 °C, decomposition into acetone and iodine, calcium. Soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol. 0.2mol/L aqueous solution of pH 7.3. Packaging & Shipping Packing: 25kg packed in paper-drums, carton, bags. Shipping: EMS,DHL,By Sea ,etc. According to negotiation

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