Food Additive Sodium Succinate Dibasic/Disodium Succinate

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Product name

Disodium succinate




White crystal powder


≥ 99%

PH-value,5% water solution


Arsenic (As2O3)

≤ 2PPM

Heavy metal (Pb)

≤ 10PPM

Sulphate (SO2-4)

≤ 0.019%

Potassium permanganate

reducing substances


Loss on drying (120℃, 3h)

≤ 2%


25 KG/Kraft Bag


It is mainly used in Flavoring agent, sour agent, and buffer; used for ham, sausage, seafood, seasoning and so on. General  dosage is 0.01%-0.05%.



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In the food industry ,it is used as the flavor agent, feed additives, reagents for laboratory analysis, the pharmaceutical industry intermediates.flavor enhancement,sour agent, buffer, mainly used in the preparation of ham, sausage, aquatic products, seasoning, etc.


Food Additive Sodium Succinate Dibasic/Disodium Succinate Disodium succinate, abbreviated as WSA, commonly known as scallop, is a scented agent widely used in seasonings. It is more commonly found in seafood such as shellfish, shrimp, and crabs, and plays an important role in the delicious taste of such foods. In addition, disodium succinate is also present in other plants, such as mushrooms. China's food additive hygiene standards stipulate that it can be used in condiments. Disodium succinate is divided into crystalline disodium succinate and anhydrous sodium succinate. Currently, the most commonly used in the food industry is crystalline disodium succinate, which typically contains six crystal waters. Disodium succinate is a white crystalline granule or crystalline powder, odorless, sour-free, with a special shellfish taste, a taste threshold of 0.03%, soluble in water (20 ° C 35 g / 100mL), insoluble in ethanol. The crystallized sodium succinate completely loses crystal water at 120 °C, which is anhydrous sodium succinate, and the freshness of anhydrous sodium succinate is about 1.5 times that of crystalline sodium succinate. Food Additive Sodium Succinate Dibasic/Disodium Succinate

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